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Companies cooperation and information sharing generates and reveals new unique strategic sourcing and possibilities. Collaboration, sharing and cooperation make common problem solutions, company development, finding of alternatives and achievement of common business purpose possible.


Companies achieve competitive advantage through acts of innovation in its broadest sense, including both new technologies & new ways and processes of doing things. Innovation is the specific tool of entrepreneurs, the means by which they exploit the change as an opportunity for a different business or service.


Through consultation and application of know-how, we will help you achieve sustainable development and success. Sharing and access to outstanding know-how among companies is an important impulse to successfully overcome the challenges of the future. This process enables the company to gain an effective access to creative energy and potential to the future.


Water and air are an Integral Part of life. IML is fully aware of this reality and focuses on conservation and efficient use of these two quantities.

AIR– 101.3 kPa (1 atm)

The mixture of gases present everywhere. A small hesitation, small deviations or small elements in addition may results in loss or deterioration of the air and life changes in three minutes.

WATER– 4.180 kJ/kg.K

The most common liquid, which is becoming increasingly rare. Over the time, there has been a continuous water loss and an increase of its value to us. Water purity is our life.